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Caring for your mattress

Here at Izziwotnot we’ve made sure our supportive cot bed mattresses meet the required safety standards BS 1877 Part 10 2011 + A1 2012 and BS7177 2008 + A1 2011 Domestic Use (Low Hazard) for added safety and peace of mind. They come with a practical removable cover and a waterproof slip that can be machine-washed to help with those little accidents, making caring for you mattress as simple as possible.

It’s estimated that babies of 6 months+ sleep around 14 hours a day so to keep your little one happy and healthy it’s really important to make sure your cot bed mattress is hygienic. To help stop allergies developing it’s recommended to wash your cot bed mattress cover regularly to keep the surface fresh and clean.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you keep your baby’s cot bed mattress at it’s best! 


Remove the cover and machine wash at 60 degrees to eliminate all dust mites. Do not tumble dry as the heat of the dryer will damage the properties of your cover.

Remove the inner waterproof slip and wipe clean regularly.

As with other laundry items it is recommended to wash dark colours separately when washing your mattress cover.

Everyday Care

Make sure you turn the mattress regularly to promote even wear of the filling.

To keep the mattress surface extra clean, air the mattress and vacuum the quilted surface regularly and your mattress will serve your little one for years to come.

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