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Caring for Your Furniture

A child’s nursery or bedroom is their own little world, a space full of their personal and prized possessions. We understand how important their bedroom is to them, which is why we design and build our furniture to ensure lasting quality and durability.

We use only the best and most appropriate materials when creating our designs and we want you to enjoy your Izziwotnot nursery furniture for years to come, so we created these simple tips to help maintain your children’s furniture and its smart appearance.

Natural Wood

All our solid wood frames and veneers are sourced from sustainable and managed forests. Wood is a natural material, having its own unique grain and colouring so variances can be found between pieces of furniture. These are not to be mistaken as flaws, but rather they are the marks of time and life that make that piece of furniture unique to you.

We try to carefully limit knots and position appropriately in the piece of furniture, again knots are natural, occurring when a branch grows from the trunk of the tree and they do not affect the performance of your furniture.

Sunlight and Heat

As wood and timber products are a natural product they are affected by heat, damp or sunlight. Avoid placing your furniture too close to any heat source, do not place near a fire or in front of a radiator.

Direct sunlight can affect the colours of the wood or cause it to fade, even when the item has been finished, so consider this if placing in front of or near a window.

Cleaning your furniture

To maintain the good looks of your furniture we suggest regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth. Your furniture can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one. Any spillages should be removed immediately, as they may stain or affect the finish.

Never clean your furniture with abrasives, ammonia based, bleach based or spirit type cleaners.

General Care

Take care when handling or moving your furniture. Careless handling can damage your furniture. Do not drag pieces across the floor as it may cause damage to the joints, legs or feet. Always lift into position and lower carefully.

Periodically check all fittings to ensure that none have come loose. Any loose fittings must be tightened using the correct tool.

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