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Caring for Your Fabrics

A child’s world can be greatly enriched by its senses, which is why we carefully select the right materials, qualities and textures for our designs.

We use natural fabrics wherever possible, as they are soft to the touch and breathable, creating a comfortable sleeping environment for your little one. They are also naturally durable and easy to look after. By using the right care for your Izziwotnot products you will ensure that they remain looking as fresh and clean as the day they were bought. Follow these simple tips to make sure they always look their best.

General Advice

Always read care labels or product warnings before buying an item to make sure it is suitable for your particular use. If packaging carries relevant information please keep it somewhere safe and always check you have removed all the tags from the product it self before use.


Always wash products according to the care label. Most of our products are machine washable. Make sure you do not exceed the temperature stated on the care label. You may prefer to use lower temperatures for washing to save energy and there are a number of special laundry detergents available for low temperature and cold wash cycles.

As with other laundry items it is recommended to wash dark colours separately when washing your bedding. Do not soak dark or medium coloured fabrics as the colours may run. Do not use bleach.

Like most natural fibres linen or cotton products may shrink a little in the first couple of washes. While it is possible to tumble-dry the majority of our products on a low heat, if it can be avoided we would recommend you avoid tumble-drying cotton or linen products. These fibres can shrink when exposed to the high temperatures of tumble-drying and it can take away their natural lustre and softness.

Do not iron wadded, quilted products as this can damage the wadding.

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