Bringing your Newborn Home
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Bringing Your Newborn Home – Our Top Tips for a Smooth Transition

After months of thumb twiddling, healthy eating and home making, you’ve finally made it: your gorgeous little newborn is coming home! Whether you’re celebrating your baba’s homecoming from the hospital, adoption agency or foster home, we understand how important it is to feel properly prepared for their arrival.

To ensure you enjoy a smooth transition, here are Izziwotnot’s top tips for bringing your newborn home:

bringing-newborn-homeCreate a Baby Space

As soon as you get home, all you’ll want to do is cuddle and care for the new family addition. To guarantee you and your little ball of beauty get to cuddle for as long as possible, we love the idea of creating a baby space with all the essentials, including:

  • Bottles and formula
  • Nappies
  • Extra clothing
  • Blankets
  • A notebook to monitor your little one’s routine
  • Your favourite foods and drinks – you won’t want to run to the kitchen if little Joseph or Josephine have just settled down for a nap in your arms

We would definitely suggest preparing this space in advance of going into labour – this way you and your little one can come home and immediately settle into a routine.

Even if your baby space is just a corner of a room, why not make it a beautiful and comforting area? Fill it with items that will make your baba feel calm and safe, such as a warm blanket to snuggle with or an adorable lifetime friend to hold.

Having a Petit Henri or Bunny Comforter in their arms will ease all of your little one’s transitions, including from hospital to home, mum’s arms to Moses Basket and Moses Basket to Cot Bed!

Make Ground Rules

Everyone loves meeting the new baby in their life, so don’t be surprised if your family and friends start fighting over who is going to get the most cuddles. However, don’t be scared to put some simple ground rules in place!

Struggling to think of some? Here are some of our favourites:

  • No illnesses allowed! Your little one’s immune system won’t be fully developed, so whether your guest is feeling sick, has a cold or even a tickly throat, don’t let them near your precious baba. There will be plenty of time for cute cuddles when they feel better!
  • No overcrowding! You, daddy and the little rascal will be exhausted when you first get home so don’t be shy about limiting how many people visit at one time. Your loved ones won’t want to overwhelm you and will understand if you give them a schedule of when is best to come.

Ground rules will allow both you and your adorable newborn to enjoy plenty of rest and spend more time bonding with one another. 


Introduce Your Fur Baby

Here at Izziwotnot, we are firm believers that the time should be taken to introduce your fur baby to your actual baby.

If you are already a mummy to a puppy or kitty, make sure you slowly introduce them to your new bundle of joy. This should be done in a controlled environment.  For more advice, check out our blog on how to introduce your fur baby to your actual baby.

Recharge Your Batteries

Bringing your little tinker home for the first time is an amazing experience and one you will remember for a lifetime, however the first few days, weeks and even months can be very tiring.

We know so many new mummies who have no time to themselves because they don’t pencil it in their diary. Your friends and family are going to be fighting to babysit, so take advantage of this! Or, when baby is snoozing, why not jump in the shower, cook a meal or read your favourite magazine?   

These are simple yet great ways to ensure you and your little bundle of joy are both well rested! 

After months of preparation, it is finally time to live the dream and we know you’re going to be great! From all of us here at Izziwotnot, we wish you all the best with this amazing step in parenthood.

If you have any tips for mummies and daddies bringing their newborn home, let us know and tweet us @Izziwotnot.  


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