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Nursery Floor Planner Guide

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When planning your little one’s space it makes life much easier if you get the basics right first and understand your space and what needs to happen in that space.

To begin, measure your room accurately with a tape measure and draw up a plan on our simple floorplan. which you can download and print off, so you can see how much furniture your room can accommodate. Follow the simple steps below to create an accurate picture of your space, so you can begin creating your perfect nursery or children’s room.

Wall To Wall Measurements. Measure the full length of each wall in your room and plot your measurements on the adjacent room grid to create your rooms perimeter. Please note that each square on the grid represents 25cm, so four squares represents 1 metre.

Doors, Built-In Cupboards & Windows. Measure windows, doors and built in cupboards from the outside trim. Measure how far these items are from the walls edge and mark them on the grid. Note whether doors open in or out, so you know

if you need to allow space for them to open fully. Also note window heights, as well as the window distance from the floor, as you might want to put cabinets below. It is also a good idea to measure the window height and width inside the window trim, at the same time as you may want to hang a blind behind your curtains.

Ceiling Height. Measure the main ceiling height. Measure and note any archways or anything else impeding the space such as a soffit, or beam, you want to make sure items such as wardrobes will fit in the space.

Electrical Sockets & Heating. Mark all electrical outlets with an H. Measure radiators and mark these on your plan too.

Follow our simple steps and plot your room measurements on the plan. Decide upon the ranges you like and use the furniture templates which follow, to try different arrangements in your room. Simply cut out the furniture and place the pieces on the gird below to plan a gorgeous room for your little one.

 Nursery Floorplan Large RoomNursery Floorplan small room

To help you get started, we’ve created a couple of examples for you. Please note, furniture dimensions are provided as a guide only, if a measurement is critical and tight, such as a wardrobe needs to fit in an alcove just contact the office and we will confirm the exact measurements for you.


Download our practical floorplan to help you decide the best layout for your nursery:

Izziwotnot Nursery Room Planner





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