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Decorating a nursery on a budget

Smart shopping & a little creativity can go a long way...

Lottie Fairy Princess room Decorating your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to cost a fortune, by combining a little creativity with smart shopping you can achieve a stylish nursery without breaking the bank.

Preparing for your baby’s arrival is a truly wonderful time, but with such an array of items to think of, it can be difficult to know where to start, so prior to spending any money it’s a good idea to sit down and create a list of things you need and a list of things you want! You can then use this list on those exciting shopping trips to make notes of your favourite pieces and where you’ve seen them, from this list you can than work our your priorities, create a budget and stick to it!

It’s well worth checking for special offers, which can offer you great savings, just like our own special offers. We understand that little ones demand extra pennies, which can all mount up at this special time, so we have created a range of special offers, across our different products from nursery furniture to bedding and moses baskets, to help you create the nursery of your dreams, while keeping an eye on the pennies.

Another good idea is to start planning early to avoid last minute, impulse purchases. If you start preparing early you’ll have plenty of time to complete any DIY projects, such as decorating, and thus save some pennies to buy on the pieces you really want.

Invest your money in pieces of furniture that you’ll get the most use out of and look for pieces which offer longevity, so value for money.

Latitude Cot Bed converts to Toddler BedTrust us, one of the pieces you won’t want to skimp on is your baby’s cot bed. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in there, so you’ll want it to be safe and durable. Cot Beds offer great value for money, as they grow with your child, converting from a cot to toddler bed when the time comes, so you won’t need to purchase another bed for a few years.

Consider drawers, you many already have a dresser that can be re-purposed for the nursery, but if not consider co-ordinating chest of drawers to match your furniture. All our drawers, side units etc are standard pieces so they will be suitable for use long after baby has grown out of nappy changing. If purchasing a changing dresser it’s worth checking what the appearance of the piece will be once changing bars are removed – in many cases once these are removed it can leaves holes in the top of the unit. Longevity is key to getting the most from your furniture, and your budget.

It’s good practise to keep baby’s nursery organised and de-cluttered. Look for furniture with versatile storage built in, many of our wardrobes also include generous drawers and a shelf, along side hanging rails, making them perfect for storing different types of baby’s belongings.

Wicker Nursery Storage BasketYou could also create yourself some affordable storage by building shelves on your wall or in an existing cupboard, then use attractive wicker storage baskets to hide away clothes, toys and accessories. Remember if adding shelves to your wall, don’t position your cot bed under them, we don’t want anything to fall off in to the cot bed, especially when baby is in it.

Painting the nursery is an easy and rather inexpensive way to create impact, with colour. There are many low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints available today, perfect for use in the nursery, but it’s always a good idea to finish painting your nursery, wallpapering at least eight weeks before baby is expected, and unwrap all furniture, leaving windows open for aeration until baby’s arrival to ensure the room is aired and fresh.

childrens wallsticker

If you want to add interest to your painted wall consider wall stickers, they are a simple way to add colour and pattern to your canvas, our Tree Swing Sticker is a versatile piece and can be used with and without the tree swing, if you just wanted the fun polka dot tree. They are also removable when the time comes to change your look.

Alternatively you don’t have to leave your walls bear, look for fun prints in standard sizes so you can purchase cheaper, affordable off-the-shelf frames. You could create an organised display by showing various, colourful prints in the same style frame, but in different sizes for interest. Card designs can also make great pictures. 

Create a mobile for a nurseryLooking for a mobile, why not create your own, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a pricey hanging decoration. If your not a particularly crafty person, paper lanterns are a great way to add interest or a pop of colour to your room, check out our pretty hanging baubles in our Premium Gift room set, just head to your local craft store and your project could be done in just one day! Just be sure any hanging objects are far out of baby’s reach.

Don’t forget the floor, a fun rug can add some colour and personality to a room, it creates a soft area for baby to play and is a lot cheaper than wall to wall carpeting, remember to use non-slip mats under rugs as required, you don’t want to slip when carrying baby. Cushions are also a great way to cheer up an area or existing nursing chair.

 Decorating your baby’s nursery should be fun and an enjoyable experience and we hope we’ve helped to inspire you and get you started planning yours. Treat your nursery like you would the rest of your home and you’ll not go wrong, while the nursery is a very special room for your little one, its also part of the family home so if you love modern design, go with it, don’t feel you have do so something because it’s expected. What’s more if you find your nursery isn’t 100% complete prior to baby’s arrival, don’t stress, take it as an opportunity to get to know your little one’s personality a bit more, before adding the final touches to his or her new room.  


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