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Choosing your baby's mattress


Buying a mattress is one of the most important decisions to ensure your little one has a safe, cosy night’s sleep. 

A good night’s sleep is a necessity, especially for babies and young children at this key stage of their development.

Izziwotnot Cot Bed MattressWhen thinking about buying your own mattress, you consider factors like comfort, support and temperature and it’s just as important to carefully choose the right mattress for your little one. The mattress provides support for their growing bones and keeps them safe. It’s easy to accept a second-hand mattress or buy that cheap mattress that comes with the cot but this important decision requires a lot more consideration.

It’s strongly recommended every new baby gets a new mattress. If you do opt for a used mattress, check the mattress is clean, dry and has no cracks or tears. It should also be firm with no sagging and fit perfectly in the cot with no gaps.


There are many types of mattresses available such as foam, spring interior, natural fibre, special anti-allergy or a combination of these types. Here at Izziwotnot we sell a sprung mattress as we personally believe they are the best option for a little growing body.

Izziwotnot Cot Bed Mattress specificationOur sprung interiors are encapsulated in a foam surround for added comfort, ensuring you get the right levels of both comfort and support, and they are dual sided with luxurious fillings on both sides.

Importantly, watch out for thin foam, which can lose its shape and dent easily. Investigate the mattress thoroughly before buying by squeezing the edges and centre. A supportive mattress is essential for your little one’s growing body, which is why we only make a luxury sprung mattress to suit your little ones needs. 


Top things to consider...

The mattress should be firm to support growing bones and fit the bed properly. There shouldn’t be more than 4cm interior of the cot bed and the edge of the mattress, to prevent small arms and legs from becoming trapped. Measure your cot and if you’re not sure have a chat with the retailer to find the right size. While our mattress is designed to fit our Izziwotnot cot beds it is a standard size and will be suitable for the majority of cot beds available.

cot bed mattressKeeping your mattress  clean is essential to baby’s health...

Choose a mattress that can be easily cleaned to ensure it’s kept free from

The cover on our Izziwotnot mattresses can also be washed at 60 degrees, killing dust mites and helping to prevent your baby from developing allergies. The full-length zip makes removing the cover easy for washing and the cover styling ensures the zip head tucks safely away, when in use, so as not to hurt baby, watch out for the little details on mattresses too.

An overheated cot is dangerous. The material of the mattress should help prevent overheating with good breath ability or other heat regulation.

You should also take into account hypo-allergenic materials or a machine washable cover as mentioned above. The specialist Open Cell Construction of the resilient foam in the our Cot Bed Mattress allows for good air circulation and heat dissipation, helping to moderate baby’s body temperature and create contented sleep.


Lastly but certainly not least...

Most importantly, for your peace of mind and baby’s safety, look for mattresses that comply with BS Standards; BS 1877 Part 10: 2011 A1 2012 and BS 7177 2008 A1: 2011 for Domestic Use (Low Hazard) for added reassurance.

Also check the mattresses you are considering are free from PVC, Antimony, Phosphorous and Arsenic based chemicals.

“Here at Izziwotnot your baby’s safety is of paramount importance to us which is why we design, test and manufacture to British Standards, some of the highest quality standards in the world, ensuring our mattresses are perfect for growing bodies!”


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