Which cot bed is best for my newborn
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Which cot bed is best for my New Born?

For first time mums, it can be difficult to identify what your needs are going to be before your baby is born. No matter how many books you read and how much advice you receive, it can seem like there are endless decisions for you to make.

Your cot bed will be one of the largest, as well as possibly one of the most expensive pieces of baby equipment you'll need to invest in before your little one arrives and it's well worth choosing a suitable cot bed to last you through your baby's early years. 

To assist you with your selection process we’ve created a simple checklist highlighting the things we feel are important considerations, to ensure you find the best design for you.

A Cot or Cot Bed?

Bailey White Sleigh Cot BedThe first thing you should look for in a cot is multiple functions. There really is no need to buy a cot and a toddler bed. Izziwotnot cot beds are multi-functional as they easily convert from cot to toddler bed, and selected designs, such as the Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed even convert to a day bed, so the furniture really does grow up with your family.

Remember cot beds are generally a little bigger than a cot, as they are designed for longer use, just make sure they fit in your nursery, the extra value they deliver is definitely worth it.

It's important to think about where you are going to put your cot bed in the nursery so that it's in the safest possible place, remember don’t put your cot bed under a window, or next to a radiator, as we don’t want baby to overheat. For more advise on room layouts, why not take a peek at our helpful room planner guide.

Features to look out for:

Adjustable Base Heights & Fixed Sides

Bailey Dark Wood Cot BedWe believe fixed side cot beds to be the safest and most durable design, just make sure you select a design with an adjustable base. All our Izziwotnot cot beds come with three base height positions, so you can choose the highest level for the first few months, when baby is small. Perfect for saving yourself from an achy back, as the higher position makes it easier to lift baby in and out, then the base can be lowered as baby grows and starts to pull themselves up and move around.

Drop sided cot beds are an alternative design; while available in the UK, drop sided cot beds have been banned in some US states due to safety concerns and baby’s becoming trapped. For that reason, we made a decision as a company to put baby’s safety first and only make fixed sided cots, we strongly recommend buying a cot bed with fixed sides and an adjustable base height, as the best option to keep your baby safe and secure while they are sleeping.

Teething Rails

Tranquillity WhiteIt's worth looking out for a few useful features that some cot beds have like teething rails. Teething rails, not only ensure your cot bed keeps its good look but more importantly they will prevent your baby from damaging their delicate gums or swallowing anything they shouldn’t, such as chewed off varnish. All of our cot beds at Izziwotnot include teething rails, have non-toxic finishes and are tested to British Standards which means you can rest assured that whichever cot bed you choose from Izziwotnot, your baby is in the safest of hands. 


Keep it simple for a straightforward assembly

It’s worth checking the number of parts on self-assembly furniture. Some cot beds come with lots of pieces to assemble into the side rail or headboard for example, It can be difficult to work with so many pieces, and pre-assembled ends are much easier to handle. Generally speaking our Izziwotnot cot beds come in just 5 pieces, keeping it very simple indeed, with a pre-assembled slatted base, 2 assembled sides and 2 ends, it’s easy to put them together. If DIY assembly’s not your thing, don’t worry we offer a Home Assembly Service, where we will delivery your furniture to the room of choice, assemble it for you, making sure its solid and clear away the packaging for recycling; so your furniture is all ready and waiting for your new arrival.

Your Peace of Mind

It’s well worth checking if any cot bed you are considering complies with British Standards. Here in the UK cot beds come under British Safety Standards (BS EN 716: 2008 A1 2013 and BS 8509:2008), some of the highest safety standards in the world. Our cot beds are thoroughly tested by independent labs to make sure they are safe for baby, not only for baby’s comfort, but for your peace of mind too. If shopping around, any good quality retailer will be able to advise you on this.

A quality, luxury cot bed will not only make your life as a new parent easier but it will also provide a safe place for your little one to sleep. So, the only decision left for you to make is “which Izziwotnot cot bed will look best in my baby’s room?”

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