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Our Ethics are driven by our social responsibility towards the people in our supply chain and the communities they operate in. We’re not claiming to have all the answers, but we are constantly looking for ways to drive continuous improvements throughout our business to benefit all who come into contact with Izziwotnot.

As a company we endeavour to live by the same values as we do as individuals and treat all of our factories, suppliers and customers fairly and with respect. We have offices both here in the UK and the Far East, and while we do not operate our own factories, we strive to create long-standing, sustainable relationships with our suppliers, in fact we have worked closely with our main textile factory for over a decade. We work with all our factories to combine our skills as designers and manufacturers, to bring you the very best product we can. We use the best materials and craftspeople to deliver a premium product at an affordable price.

When developing our ranges, where possible, we work with our existing supply chain, strengthening our relationships. When this isn't possible we look worldwide to find factories and craftspeople with the right skills to provide the level of quality we need and deliver the goods in a timely manner, at a competitive price. We work closely with all our suppliers to help them improve where need be and monitor progress through regular visits. Any new supplier must complete an audit to make sure they are considerate of the environmental and treat workers fairly. Our audits include a review of factory documents, such as time records and wages, a full factory tour and review of facilities, meetings with both management and individual workers to ensure we receive the full picture, and that they have full health and safety procedures are in place to protect the workforce.






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