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Trend Alert – Grey Nursery Chic


It’s official – grey is here to stay! Labelled as one of the freshest colours this season, we can’t get enough of this versatile colour and know you will love it too!

To help keep you and your little one on trend, here is our guide to creating a grey-t grey nursery!

Why Grey?

It is the ideal neutral base; simply work with it as if it was white and bring it to life with complementing accents.

Whether you’re opting for calm and serene or have chosen warm and cosy as your nursery theme, as the chameleon of the colour wheel, grey will be perfect for you.

Grey brings something to a room that the classics, such as black and white, lack. Easily transformed by other colours, you can work it into a variety of colour schemes without worrying about clashing or overpowering.    

Design Tips

The thing we love most about this gorgeous colour is the fact that each shade has underlying trace colours to define one from the other.

What this means is, as well as being able to work seamlessly with a versatile colour range, it is really simple to identify its ideal partnering colours. Don’t believe us? Check out this grey palette:


Can we have them all? If you like the look of one of these stunning shades, simply take the pantone number to your paint supplier.

  • A great and easy way to design a nursery around a grey base is to identify the trace colour and include accents of it around the room. For example, if your dominating shade is Pantone 437, then highlight the nursery with shades of dusty pinks and other cool tones.


  • We also love the idea of using grey as an accent to bring either a soft, tranquil vibe to your little angel’s nursery, or transform their special space into an understated yet sophisticated room.


  • There is no such thing as too much grey, right? Combine a variety of shades to create a beautiful nursery for your beautiful baba, and simply enhance with complementing colours.




We absolutely love how this nursery uses multiple shades of grey and hints of pinks for the perfect balance of cute and chic!

To recreate using our grey palette, combine Pantones Cool Gray 9 and 5305.

Build on this base with Izziwotnot’s crisp White Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed and soft pink bedding




 Soft greys like Pantone 5295 or 7660 look amazing with light woods like Beech or Oak and baby blues!

Recreate this look with our Beech Latitude Furniture range and contemporary blue curtains.






Bring darker base colours, like Pantone 7540, to life with furniture and accessories in cool greys.

Our new limited edition Grey Wicker Moses Basket is the perfect addition to your bundle of joy’s nursery.

Available with our white, pink or blue baskets, this stunning piece of furniture will work wonderfully with almost all shades of grey!


 For more inspiration, read our blog on choosing the perfect colour scheme - featuring more ideas on how to design a gorgeous grey space for your baba!

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