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Preparing Your Moses Basket For Baby Number 2


Congratulations – you’re expecting baba number 2! So, as well as thinking of a theme for the new nursery, organising how you are going to announce your pregnancy and baby proofing the home again, you should also decide which pieces of furniture you will buying new and which items will be passed down from baba number 1.

One item we often see crop up in these discussions is the Moses Basket. As long as they are in good condition and still meet British Safety Standards, there is no reason Moses Baskets shouldn’t be passed down and used again. However, some preparation will be needed.


To help you out and make sure your little one gets to sleep in a safe and comfortable first bed, we have created this guide to preparing your Moses Basket for your second or third baby!

The Mattress

It’s important that your baba enjoys sleeping on a quality and comfortable mattress, especially during the first few months as they are at a greater risk of SIDS. A good mattress also improves sleep quality and supports the growth of their precious bones. This is why we always suggest buying a new mattress for your new baba.

Reusing mattresses is not advised as they could carry germs or have deteriorated in comfort and support. You should also always check that your mattress adheres with British Safety Standards (if it does, it will be stated in product information) to ensure your little one can sleep safely and comfortably.  

All of our Moses Baskets come with a supportive foam mattress, however you can also buy these separately if you need a new one for your second baba. Sealed in a wipe clean PEVA cover, our Moses Basket mattress makes it easier for you to clean if baba has any accidents, whilst guaranteeing a clean, dry and comfortable sleeping experience for your bundle of joy.

Bedding and Lining

As long as thoroughly cleaned and stain free, you should be able to reuse the lining of the basket. You should follow similar rules for the bedding; unless ruined or stained from previous use, you can reuse this with your second baba. 

However, if your first baba was prone to bed wetting, reduce the risk of spreading germs by buying new Moses Basket bedding.

The Basket

Trusting that your Moses Basket is still up to standards and therefore safe for reuse, preparing it for baby number 2 couldn’t be simpler.

The British Safety Standards are as follows:

  • Handles should meet in the middle
  • Handles should be sturdy; to check, carry with the handles together and one hand beneath and measure strength
  • Material should be intact and clean

After removing the mattress, bedding and lining, bring your Moses Basket back to life with a dust and wipe down. You can do this by using a dry or damp cloth, however always dry thoroughly if the basket gets wet.

When cleaning wicker Moses Baskets, we recommend avoiding the following types of cleaners:

  • Abrasives
  • Ammonia based
  • Bleach based
  • Spirit based


From all of us here at Izziwotnot, we wish you all the best with your pregnancy! For more advice, read our guide on caring for your Moses Baskets!

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