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Izziwotnot Chats to Kimberly Wyatt


New Mum Kimberly Wyatt has obviously embraced motherhood and all it has to offer since welcoming her beautiful daughter Willow into the world last December. As she continues her hectic life as a singer, dancer, ambassador and now most importantly mum, we were lucky enough to manage to catch a couple of minutes with her to discuss all things motherhood…


We absolutely love how you’ve decorated Willow’s nursery! How did you begin to plan the design??

We knew we were going to name our little girl Willow quite early on and when we found a cute mock pussy-willow tree, every decision for her nursery became quite easy. However, finding the balance between a woodlands feel and a clean, cute, cosy, space became the challenge. 

We think the Sleigh Cot Bed and Chest of Drawers look amazing. Why did you choose the izziwotnot-bailey-range Bailey range over other styles?

I think the Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed has a really clean feel to it. I didn’t want to have too many corners and sharp lines in the nursery so the curved structure was ideal. 

Has Willow enjoyed her first sleep in her Cot Bed yet, or is she yet to make the move from her Moses Basket?

She is yet to make the move from her Moses Basket, but she has had a few afternoon naps in her Cot Bed and seemed to be very comfortable and cosy.

When do you think she’ll make the big move? Do you have any tips to ensure a successful and seamless progression?

Everything I read recommends making the switch at 6 months, but I’m just going to go with the flow and make the move when the time feels right.

I’ll start by having her sleep in her Moses basket inside her Cot Bed and then progress into the bigger space of the Cot Bed.

At the moment I try and use the late night feeds and play times during the day to get her comfortable with her room and used to the space. 

Does Willow have a routine yet?

Yes she does! I think a routine is what keeps us all sane and takes a bit of the guessing out of what she needs and when. 

Are you in charge of night feeds and changes or does Max let you enjoy your beauty sleep?

Max usually takes the last feed so I get to sleep and I get up with her early in the morning so he can get a bit more rest. But on the crazy nights when she just won’t sleep it definitely affects us both. 

You seem to have slotted perfectly into your new role, has anything about motherhood surprised you?

I have embraced and loved motherhood so far! It’s not always easy and you do feel extremely tired after many nights of no sleep, but it’s been the best gift ever. I’d say the only thing that surprised me is just how much my heart melts every time she smiles.

We can’t believe you had Willow less than 4 months ago, you look amazing! We’ve seen you’re extremely focused on your fitness and getting back into shapekimberly-wyatt-interview, how are you balancing motherhood with training?

Fitness is extremely important to me. I’ve been dancing and staying fit and active since I was 7 years old and as much as it is about looking good, it’s even more about feeling good and being in the right mind-set to be the best Mum I can be.

I balance everything by bringing the gym to me - I work out in my living room! Squats while holding the baby, kisses each time I do a push up and when I really just need to focus I’m lucky enough to have a husband that will take a shift so I can push it hard!

Do you have any top tips for other new mums with fitness goals?

My top tip is to make sure you rehab your abs before you dive in hard as you need to get the separation gone so you don’t injure yourself. I would also recommend using an egg timer - set it for 1 hour and don’t stop or look at the clock until it rings.

It’s important you take the time to focus on you! 


We can’t wait to hear more about your journey as a new mum and life with the gorgeous Willow – from all of us here at Izziwotnot, good luck!

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