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In The Spotlight - Holly


To help you understand more about Izziwotnot, we are creating a series of In The Spotlight articles which will delve a little deeper into the lives of the Izziwotnot team. Here we speak to Holly, our Customer Relationship Coordinator:


Why Izziwotnot?

I fell pregnant at 17 and while some people considered me to be too young, including my mum, I felt that I was ready to become a mum. I was told by doctors that due to health issues I would struggle to become pregnant, especially as I got older, and I felt as if I was in stable relationship, so for me it was the right time to bring a baby into the world.

I 100% wouldn’t go back and change anything, but I will admit being a young pregnant girl is very daunting and people are very quick to judge your situation.

When my family came round to the idea of having a new bouncing baby to love and care for, everybody was excited and between my mum, myself and my partner, we started planning my little boy’s nursery. In fact, we decided to choose all Izziwotnot products! I loved the products that much that when Alfie turned 6 months old and when I could arrange suitable child care, I asked the MD of Izzi for a job.

What is Your Role at Izziwotnot?

I have worked at Izzi for nearly 3 years and I am employed as a Customer Relationship Coordinator.

My role is to build relationships with mum-to-be, grandma, nana or dad. I really care about what I do and want to give the best advice because pregnancy is such a magical time and I believe every mum should get to feel special.

It’s not like working - when I am on the phone to mums and dads, it’s like talking to friends and family. I love talking about pregnancy and using my personal experiences of being a mum and I can talk first-hand about our products because I used them with my little boy. For example, I looked at other Moses Baskets for Alfie, but after using Izziwotnot’s I can confidently say that ours are the best.

Initially, I worked at Izzi as a part time member of staff which gave me a lot of flexibility with my child care and meant I could also still spend my time with Alfie. I am now working full time and Alfie is 3 years old, but working at Izziwotnot still gives me a lot of flexibility - especially when it comes down to my little boy.

I work in a really nice team and the managing director is approachable with a real grasp of work and life balance – we finish at 1:30 on a Friday! We also get a treat on our birthdays and for Valentine’s Day there was a heart shaped box of chocolates – we were told cupid had come.

What is Your Favourite Piece of Izziwotnot Furniture and Why?

My favourite piece of furniture has to be the Walnut Latitude Cot Bed! The styling is beautifully contemporary yet the piece still exudes elegance – it makes the perfect centre piece for any nursery.

From the moment I saw it, I knew this was my favourite Izziwotnot range so far. Unfortunately, this wasn’t available when I had my little boy, but if there were plans for baby number 2 it would definitely have to be the Walnut Latitude.

If you were going to design a nursery, what theme/colour scheme would you go for and why?

I choose to go for plain white walls so that the Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed and Humphrey’s Corner Little Red Car bedding really made an impression in the nursery.

Everyone loved Alfie’s room and as soon as anyone came into the nursery we always received compliments on how lovely it looked.

Do you Have a Favourite Celebrity Family?

My favourite celebrity family would have to be the Beckhams! I love fashion and think the Beckhams definitely have to be the most stylish family out there.

Also, despite both Victoria and David being such hard working parents, the children always look so happy and you can clearly see how much love they have for their parents. I think that having a good work and life balance is so important, especially when there are children involved, and this is something the Beckhams definitely achieve.


Thanks so much Holly - we’ve loved getting to know a little bit more about you, your little boy Alfie and your role as Customer Relationships Coordinator!

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