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Celebrating Dads for Father's Day


Here at Izziwotnot, we admire all mummies and daddies, whether you have one bundle of joy or a handful! This is why we like to make the most of the days when parenting is celebrated!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to speak to some of our favourite daddy bloggers to find out their thoughts on the day and what they have planned:

Al from Dad Network

fathers-day-dad-networkDaddy to the gorgeous little Ted, Al shares how much pride he has for his role as father:

Father’s Day is simply a day to recognise that dads have babies too. To me, it means acknowledging the fact that I am a dad; it means celebrating dads!

Since having Ted, my excitement for Father’s Day has definitely changes. In all honesty, it highlights the responsibility and privilege of raising a child.

I think that I now feel a sense of pride about being a dad; that Father’s Day is about me being a dad.

To celebrate the day we are going for breakfast at my favourite restaurant before enjoying a relaxed day embracing fatherhood – probably with another form of food thrown in for good measure!

If you want to keep up with Al and Ted, head over to Dad Network or follow Al on Twitter!

Tom from Diary of the Dad

We love the sound of Tom’s family-oriented day and agree that dads are beginning to receive much more, deserved recognition for their role:

fathers-day-diary-of-the-dadFather’s Day is always a nice family day, even if it does feel a little awkward being the centre of attention! That said, I’m pleased that more is made of it these days as dads in general deserve more recognition as equal parents.

The day seems to have changed a lot over the last five years and there seems to be more interest in the role of dads now. I would definitely say it has become more commercial, but I think this is because brands have picked up on the changing attitudes towards dads.

This year I will be sharing the limelight with my Grandma as it’s her 90th birthday – but that’s absolutely fine by me! We’ll also get to see my parents so I can give my dad his present and try and help him with the barbecue – I don’t think he’ll let that happen though.

Keep up with Tom, Dylan and Xander by reading Diary of the Dad, or follow Tom on Twitter.

Dave from DADventurer

Celebrating his first Father’s Day, Dave shares his excitement for the day:

celebrating-fathers-dayFather’s Day has always been a day to celebrate my dad and spend time with my family, so it’s going to be slightly strange this year as I will be celebrated too!

Obviously it’s still a day to celebrate and thank my dad for everything he has done for me, but it’s also given me the chance to have a second ‘bonus day’ in the year, on top of my birthday, which I’m looking forward to!

This year, I plan to spend the day with my Mrs and the little one with brunch and a family day trip out, and then (fingers crossed) I’ll have some time in the evening to chill out whilst enjoying a cider and playing on the PS3!

Want to follow Dave’s DADventure as a new dad? Check out his blog or follow him on Twitter!

Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham

We love Tim’s idea of spending the day celebrating Father’s Day and ‘Grandpa’s Day’:

fathers-day-izziwotnotFather’s Day is the one day of the year when I can justify having a lie-in – which in our house means sleeping in beyond 6.30am!

The day is a much bigger event now than it ever used to be. My little ones make a big thing of it with hand-made cards and presents – I’ve learned how to coo appreciatively when presented with a nailed-together bird box or glue-stained felt photo frame.

They really understand that it’s a special day, on which it is important to appreciate what their father does for them – namely spoil them rotten, play with them and then fall asleep on the sofa. Being a father myself has definitely made me appreciate my own father a lot more.

Traditionally, the five of us travel to London to go out for lunch at their favourite Chinese restaurant with the rest of my family – after all, it’s not just Father’s Day, but Grandpa’s Day too!

For Tim’s latest adventures and fun with his little ones, head over to Slouching Towards Thatcham or follow him on Twitter.


From all of us here at Izziwotnot, we would like to thank our favourite daddy bloggers for their insights and hope you each have an amazing Father’s Day.

As a special thank you, and in celebration of Father’s Day, we are offering 20% off all Izziwotnot products until midnight Sunday 21st June - simply enter the discount code ‘Daddy20’ at checkout! So, whether you’re going to cosy up with your bundle of joy and their Snuggle Towel, or enjoy story time in your little one’s gorgeous new Cot Bed, we hope you have an amazing day!

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