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How To Keep The Flame Alight - Romance Tips for After the Baby is Born


Keeping the romance alive when you are a parent can be tricky and it is easy to let the flame fizzle out when you become used to sticky skin, tangled hair and food stained clothing. However, there are several simple steps you can take to reignite the romance in your relationship – here are our favourites:


1. Write Love Letters

There is nothing more Romeo and Juliet than writing your loved one a love letter. This could be anything from a simple ‘I love you’ on sticky note and left on their pillow to a hand written poem left in their bedside table drawer.

We love the idea of leaving notes all around the house for your partner to find – imagine reaching into the fridge for milk first thing in the morning and instead getting a note saying ‘you’re beautiful and I love you.’ A perfect and truly romantic way to start the day!

2. Have a Bedtime

Although giving yourselves a bedtime sounds childish and unromantic, you wouldn’t believe how much of a difference going to bed at the same time makes. Instead of being asleep whilst your partner catches the end of their favourite TV show, you will have more time to cuddle, talk and heat it up!

Even if you both fall straight to sleep, shutting down together will help rebuild a strong connection.

3. Set the Scene

If you know that you are going to have the day or evening without your little ones, take a little bit of time to set the scene. No one wants to share a kiss or a slow dance when there are piles of laundry, dirty dishes or trails of toys within eyesight.

As well as tidying the house, you could also light some candles, put on some slow music and cook or order your favourite meal to really enhance the romantic vibes in your home.

We love the idea of scattering rose petals on the dining table and bed – they are also great because you can reuse them in crafts with your little rascals.

4. Be Spontaneous

Date nights are great for couples who have busy schedules and need to guarantee at least 3 nights of alone time each month, but there is something much more passionate and magical about spontaneity.  

Whether you surprise your loved one with a gourmet meal and movie night whilst your little rascals are sleeping over at Grandma and Grandads', or you take them for a weekend getaway where you can properly enjoy one another’s company – be impulsive!

5. Make a Love Bucket List

There has to be something you and your partner have wanted to do for a while but haven’t had chance, or somewhere you both want to go but haven’t been? Well, why not create a love bucket list – bringing together all the activities you want to do, places you want to visit, restaurants you want to dine at and relationship goals you want to reach.

We can’t get enough of this idea! Post it on your fridge or bedroom door as a daily reminder and source of inspiration.

6. Do the Little Things Together

Many couples get so lost in trying to accomplish big romantic gestures, they forget about the little things. You can create a spark and reignite the romance in the comfort of your home and even with your little ones around:

  • Stand behind your partner whilst you cook dinner together or create some intimacy by gently brushing against them whilst reaching for the spatula.
  • Every time you see each other, say one thing you love about them and why.
  • Meet up on your lunch breaks whilst your little angels are at nursery or school and enjoy some time together over coffee and food.
  • Take advantage of craft afternoons with your little ones and make something homemade for your partner– although a plastic bracelet isn’t as extravagant as one from the jewellers, it is the romantic touch that counts, right?


Here at Izziwotnot, we understand how difficult it can be to keep the flame alight after baba is born and especially if you have more than one cheeky monkey to look after. However, with such simple and easy steps to take to reignite the flame, there is no reason to remove every trace of romance from your relationship!

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