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Our Top 5 Child Friendly Pancakes for Pancake Day


Here at Izziwotnot, we absolutely love Pancake Day! Every year we dig out our aprons and get ready for a day dedicated to these delicious treats. This day is great fun for all the family as everyone can get involved – plus, we don’t know any little rascal who doesn’t enjoy watching mum and dad attempt to flip pancakes!

From savoury to sweet, they are easy to make, even easier to enjoy and are the perfect recipes to bake with your little ones! To give you a little inspiration, here are our 5 favourite child-friendly recipes for you and your little chefs to try out:

1. Raisin, Banana and Oatmeal

Raisin, Banana and Oatmeal pancake

These indulgent breakfast pancakes make the perfect start to a day and are also great as a mid-morning snack. There will be no rumbling tummies after treating yourself and your little ones to these melt in the mouth treats!

Check out the recipe!

Make them extra scrumptious by topping them with yogurt, Nutella, maple syrup or chopped nuts!


2. Chicken and Mushroom

Chicken and Mushroom pancake

If you’re going to do celebrate Pancake Day you have to do it right – this means cooking up some delicious savoury goodies too! We can’t get enough of these chicken and mushroom crepes - they are great if you have some left over chicken you want to use up. 

Sprinkle with some cheese and transform your little angel’s tea into a gorgeously gooey, melt in the mouth meal.


3. Crème Egg 

Crème Egg pancake

This sounds too good to be true… two of our favourite foods in one recipe! 

We admit it: we are Crème Egg addicts and like to make the most of them whilst they are available which means incorporating them with our other favourite treat. Warning: be armed with wet wipes and ready to tackle plenty of sticky fingers after making these yummy Crème Egg Pancakes.


4. Strawberry

Strawberry pancake

These colourful pancakes aren’t just a treat for the eyes, they are treat for the taste buds as well! This Strawberry Sprinkle Funfetti Pancakes recipe is great if your little one’s want to get involved – let your mini Nigella Lawson or Nigel Slater place the strawberries in the mix and decorate with their choice of sprinkles and favourite fruits.


5. Chocolate

 Chocolate pancake

We don’t know any little tinker that isn’t also a part time chocoholic! 

Chocolate pancakes make the perfect sweet treat after dinner for all the family and your house will be full of satisfied tummies after you make these. Check out the Double Chocolate Pancakes recipe we found.

Top with sliced banana, peanut butter, roasted nuts or strawberries for an unforgettable taste experience.

Are you as excited for Pancake Day as us here at Izziwotnot? Make sure you send us photos of your kitchen creations by tweeting us @Izziwotnot.


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