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Izzi Introduces Our Moses Baskets


For some mummies, it can be a tricky decision whether or not to give their little one a Moses Basket. But we don’t see what there is to decide – moses baskets are the perfect investment into your little one’s comfort and a lightweight product that can easily be moved around the home.


All of Izziwotnot’s Moses Baskets have been designed for durability and safety, whilst still guaranteeing your little one experiences extreme comfort.

Should You Get a Moses Basket?

Moving straight into a cot bed can be an intimidating and scary process for your gorgeous newborn, which is why moses baskets make the perfect sleeping space for your little one’s first 4 months.

As well as helping ease your little one into their cot bed, they guarantee superior comfort and allow your little baba to stretch out – protecting their growing spine and preventing breathing problems they might develop when constantly sat upright.

Only you know what the best sleeping solution for your precious baby will be, but whatever you decide, it is important you look for a sturdy, safe and comfortable bed.

Izziwotnot’s Wicker Moses Baskets

Our range of beautiful baskets offer only the very best for your little angel. Crafted from long-lasting, luxury wicker to ensure your new stunning piece of furniture retains its elegant looks and sturdy shape, all of our wicker baskets make a izziwotnot-fairy-moses-basketrobust yet snug first bed for your new bundle of joy.

This lightweight sleeping solution is perfect for mummies and daddies who want an easy way to get the baba around the house, allowing your little prince or princess to sleep in whatever room. It is also ideal for little babas staying in their mummy and daddy’s room as they take up minimal space.

All of our baskets come with a stunning coverlet, a supportive foam mattress in wipe clean PEVA and an adjusting cocooning hood to keep your little tinker cosy and protected.

Available in a variety of timeless designs, your first, second and third baba will all be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep in our gorgeous wicker baskets:

  • Looking for a charming sleeping solution to complement your modern or traditional interior? Designed with soft waffle fabrics, cute animal tabs and a luxury velvet trim, our Gift Wicker Moses Baskets izziwotnot-luxury-wicker-basketare too cute and available in four gorgeous colours. The only thing that could make them any more adorable, would be the addition of your precious new arrival!


  • We love how great our Lottie of Humphrey’s Corner wicker basket looks in nurseries with vintage décor. Combine with pastel pinks to accent the stunning embroidery and pretty prints of the generous coverlet large enough to tuck little Stephanie or Stephen in.


  • Our Premium range combines long-lasting wicker, luxurious soft cottons, exquisite devoré velour and stunning ribbon trims to provide your little tinker with a sturdy and stylish first bed. The high quality materials guarantee to keep your bundle of beauty warm and cosy all night.


We know your little one will enjoy numerous nights of blissful sleeping in one of our Wicker Moses Baskets!

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