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Royal Baby Names – Our Favourites


With a royal baby just around the corner, what better time to look at our favourite royal names through the ages? We also thought we’d take this opportunity to predict the name of Kate and Will’s second baba!



Nothing beats a traditional boy’s name, there is just something special about a little bundle of joy being named Albert or Phillip.

However, here are our three favourites:

  1. Edward: a classic and handsome name, Edward means prosperity and protector; the perfect name for a King, right?
  2. Henry: a popular name amongst the royals, including our very own Prince Harry (whose real name is Henry)! This name is very fitting for a royal as it translates to ‘home ruler.’
  3. James: as the name of seven Kings, James has a great royal lineage. A strong and adorable name that is clearly loved by all as it stands at the 9th most popular boys name in the UK.


The list of royal baby names for girls isn’t as long as the boy’s, with some classics like Elizabeth and Mary repeatedly turning up:

  1. Elizabeth: completely reflective of royal history, Elizabeth is a popular choice both inside and outside of the royal family, including the current Queen of the United Kingdom!
  2. Alice: as well as being the name of Queen Victoria’s second daughter, Alice has been the name of 3 other women in the royal family. A truly sweet and feminine name, Alice would be a great choice for a baby princess!
  3. Charlotte: we absolutely love this name – it achieves the perfect balance between elegance, sophistication and cuteness! It also sounds great with the princess title!

Izziwotnot’s Royal Baby Prediction

Although the Prince and Duchess are claiming that they don’t know the sex of the baby, it has recently been reported that they ordered lilac, pink and aubergine paints for the new nursery; perhaps a hint that a new little princess is going to be born this April?

If so, we’re backing baby Isabella! There have been several Isabels and Isabellas in the royal family in the past, and 2015 could be the year to bring the name back into the current royal family. And who knows, she might decide to shorten it to Izzi…  

However, we don’t think a pink room would be any less suited to a little prince and can just imagine a new baby boy curled up in a beautiful pink Moses Basket and blanket – can’t you?izziwotnot-premium-moses-basket

We absolutely love the idea of naming the baby Arthur - it is a classic and timeless name that fits within the heritage and traditions of the royal family!

As excited as we are about finding out whether Kate is having a little prince or princess, we can’t wait to see how they decorate the little one’s new nursery!

With our White Premium Gift Wicker Moses Basket appearing in Vogue’s Royal Nursery feature this month, we couldn’t think of anything more perfect than seeing little Prince Edward or Princess Elizabeth tucked up in their gorgeous new basket.   

Whether they have a little boy or a girl, we are just as excited as Kate and Will about the soon to be new royal! Let us know which name you’re backing and tweet us @Izziwotnot!

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