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In The Spotlight - Julie Higson


To help you understand more about Izziwotnot, we are creating a series of In The Spotlight articles which will delve a little deeper into the lives of the Izziwotnot team. Here we speak to Julie, our Product Coordinator:


What is Your Role at Izziwotnot?

I have worked as Izziwotnot’s Product Coordinator for 18 years.

It is my responsibility to ensure that all Moses Baskets are checked and assembled perfectly for each customer and in line with their specific requirements. The products are so lovely which is why it is so important to me that I do them justice and get everything just right.

To ensure every baba receiving one of our Moses Baskets is happy, I always quality control every product that comes into the warehouse – and the fact that our MD Jane doesn’t compromise on quality, means that we can truly promise that you will always receive products that you can trust.

Jane really cares about the products and is thorough in checking every last detail. She is also happy to take on any suggestions from myself and the rest of the team because we all want to make sure we are giving customers the best products possible.

I absolutely love my job and I hope this shows when mums and dads are unwrapping their orders. The whole journey of pregnancy is a magical time, which is why I make sure all of our products are packaged with love – and they most certainly are!

What is Your Favourite Piece of Izziwotnot Furniture and Why?

I absolutely love babies, which is why working at Izziwotnot is the perfect job for me as I get to admire all the new gorgeous furniture!

My favourite furniture has to be our Tranquillity range. The styling is stunning and sophisticated, yet completely sturdy so you know that your baba is going to look great whilst staying safe.

The feature I love most about the Tranquillity Cot Bed is how the soft curves complement its strong profile. The wardrobe also has plenty of storage space, making it ideal for when baby grows and requires more room. 

If I was choosing my favourite piece of Izziwotnot furniture however, it would have to be the white Moses Basket on a white Moses Stand. I have been in love with this piece ever since we designed it over 10 years ago and it will always have a special place in my heart – it is the best one out there!

If you were going to design a nursery, what theme/colour scheme would you go for and why?

I have two grown up children – James who has been married to his lovely wife Hayley for 4 years, and Matthew who has just recently got engaged – now I’m just waiting for the grandchildren!

I can’t wait to babysit and have an excuse to transform James’s old room into a new nursery.

I adore the combination of crisp whites and soft greys for new borns, and as they got older I would accent the room with hints of pinks or blues dependant on whether it was a little prince or princess.

Of course I would use furniture from the Tranquillity range – although I might require two wardrobes for all the outfits I am going to buy my grandchild!

I would definitely use one of our wall stickers to bring the wall and room to life as they are so bright and totally cute!

Do you Have a Favourite Celebrity Family?

My favourite celebrity family is the Cambridge family! Prince William and Kate are the ‘New Royals’; modern and in touch with real life and Prince Harry is pretty great too.

I can’t get enough of Prince George – he is too adorable! I also can’t wait to for the arrival of the new baby royal!


Thanks so much Julie - we’ve loved getting to know a little bit more about you and your role as Product Coordinator. We hope the arrival of a grandchild is just around the corner!

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